DayZ Mod


The most realistic zombie apocalypse


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DayZ Mod is a modification for the brilliant ARMA II that will allow you to convert the war game (one of the most realistic on the market) into the ultimate zombie apocalypse simulator.

Before playing you will need to have ARMA II Combined Operations installed (the game, plus it’s expansion). Once you have it on your hard drive and have installed the mod, you will change the game into something new—something much more fun than even the original title.

DayZ Mod is a very realistic survival game in which you will have to be careful of not only the zombies that have infested the enormous area you’re in but also everything that surrounds you. You will need munitions to keep your character healthy, but also a light source to see once it gets dark. And most importantly—you will need protection.

The protection, however, is a two-edged sword. On the one side it’s good to always have a machine gun on hand, but the sound of the rounds will attract more zombies, and what’s worse—other survivors that can possibly help you.. or try to rob you.

That is the awesomeness of DayZ Mod—any player can ally with you or kill you at their pleasure. Of course, you can do the same.

DayZ Mod is a super fun addition for ARMA II that no only becomes a completely unique experience, but also makes it an entirely new game that is worth playing.
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